Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Summer Dresses for Weddings

Weddings for the a lot of people, especially women is the most important day of the life. The reason i said the majority and not all is that probably the most important is a new born. But anyaways back to the subject in hand, weddings. Because your wedding is so important you will want everything right, one because its a special day and two because you have more than likely spent a lot of money on the overall wedding.

For this reasoning it makes being a guest to a wedding slightly harder to choose what to wear. For example what if the bride turns up in a big red dress, and you have chosen a nice red dress?! You dont want to take any of the limelight of the bride do you? So choosing summer dresses for weddings becomes more and more difficult. My tip to you is to go simple with subtle colours. Summery colours nothing to extreme and you wont go far wrong!

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